Function Loops has announced the release of its Cyber Gift 2019, a free 1GB sample pack featuring over 390 samples, loops and MIDI files.

Nothing much to say, just a huge THANKS! Our Cyber Sale is insane and your support is incredible. To give back: here’s a fat Cyber Gift, packed with 390+ files, 995MB unzipped. Free download, no strings attached.

Oh, it’s also royalty-free, so you can use all these sounds in your commercial releases, right now. No brainer!

The samples from the pack can be used in various genres including Bass House, Chill Trap, Reggaeton, Psytrance, House and more.

They’re split across 9 folders, each containing construction kits. The kits are filled with all the tools: one-shots, loops, MIDI files, vocals, SFX etc.

Cyber Gift 2019 is 100% royalty-free. It is available as an instant download for a limited time only (no registration required).

More information: Function Loops