Black Octopus Sound Funk Master Tools by Basement Freaks

Black Octopus Sound has released Funk Master Tools, a new sample pack by Basement Freaks.

Funk Master Tools is an absolute treasure chest of royalty free funky sounds for music producers.

In this sample pack you will find wide assortment of booty shaking bass guitar loops, talkbox licks, funk & blues guitar licks, reggae skunk chords and wah rhythms, sexy sax loops, harmonica riffs, drums & percussion, and of course a wide selection of funky synth leads and stabs. Many stomp boxes and analog gear have been used in the production of this pack to capture that special flavor needed for funk music.

There are nearly 700 sounds in total reaching an impressive 1.17 GB in size. If you are into funk, hip hop, glitch hop, funky house, or any genre of music that benefits from an injection of live played funk sounds and samples then this pack is a must have!

The sample pack is available for purchase for £36.95 GBP.

More information: Black Octopus / Funk Master Tools