Fuse Audio Labs has announced the release of the VCS-1 Channel Strip, an effect plugin that is designed to deliver instant signal enhancement, powerful dynamics control, flexible routing options, global link groups, and more.

If there is a single plugin to take to the desert island, it’s the VCS-1. This zero latency channel strip integrates all the tools needed for instant signal enhancement and dynamics control… and then some!

Complexity remains under the hood, as the user interface is based on a comprehensive, practical layout which supports a nimble workflow and is easy on the eyes.

The plugin features a triple-topology preamp with different styles of coloration, wide-ranged high/low pass filters, a full-fledged parametric 5-band EQ, a compressor/limiter section, and a highly practical gate/expander stage.

Individual processing sections are enhanced by highly flexible routing options, and individual plugin instances can be assigned to virtual groups which share the same parameters all across your DAW.

Regularly $79 USD, VCS-1 for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU and AAX) is on sale at an introductory price of $29 USD until December 12th, 2021.

More information: Fuse Audio Labs