Fuse Audio Labs has announced the launch of the VPB-Bundle, a collection of virtual pedals featuring an ensemble of some of the most popular and striking-sounding stomp boxes gracing countless pedal boards the world over.

The VPB-Bundle comes complete with a nice surprise: Big-Sur can be downloaded and used completely for free without any limitations!

Its hardware inspiration is acknowledged and adored for its grungy wall-of-sound-distortion, and, as such, is a perfect fit for powerful rhythm playing and heavy lead sounds. Similarly, Big-Sur’s wide spectrum distortion doused with a healthy dose of fuzz and midrange authority literally cuts through any sonic clutter.

By benefiting from an additional MIX control and optional oversampling, Big-Sur brings greater flexibility to the sought-after sound of the acclaimed op- amp beast.

The VPB-Bundle brings four more amazing individual stomp boxes optimized for DAW use to the production table:

  • El-Germano — homage to a popular icon of classic Sixties-style drive.
  • Octafish — extremely natural-sounding suboctaver.
  • Gate-230 — easy-to-use optical noise gate with clever hold function.
  • Chorus-65 — subtle yet very musical-sounding vintage stereo chorus.

All five plugins included in the VPB-Bundle support zero-latency operation for a perfect live and tracking experience.

“I was thinking about adding effects processing to accompany the F-59 and any amp simulations added to the Fuse Audio Labs arsenal in future for quite a while,” Fuse Audio Labs CEO Reimund Dratwa discloses.

“Fragments of DSP code for some of these had been sitting on the shelf for years, literally. The chorus, for instance, is a result of my research into finding models for authentic BBD emulations, so releasing a pack of five creative plugins just felt like the right thing to do.”

While Big-Sur can be downloaded as part of the 14-day free trial version of the VPB-Bundle, it will remain completely free to use without any limitations.

The complete VPB-Bundle is priced at 19 EUR, available directly from Fuse Audio Labs. Prices include VAT where applicable.

More information: Fuse Audio Labs