Fuse Audio Labs has launched a limited time sale, offering a 50% discount on two of its audio effect plugins.

The Bucket-500 is an authentic emulation of a bucket brigade (BBD) based analog delay circuit. Additional features include a tilt filter in the feed­back path, a stereo cross-feed option and an optional delay clock LFO to al­low for flanging effects. The original delay time range was extended and the plugin features a host tempo sync facil­ity.

Paying homage to one of the most iconic cassette tape based 8-track recorders, the TCS-68 cassette tape channel effect plugin includes a faithful recreation of the preamp, the tape system and the EQ of the Tascam. The goal when creating the TCS-68 was to do justice to the original sound.

The Bucket-500 and TCS-68 are regularly sold at $49 USD and $59 USD, respectively. You can save 50% on your purchase with voucher code K3JQ-6GG3-MB19 at checkout until March 17th, 2019, 12pm CET.

More information: Fuse Audio Labs