Fuse Audio Labs has announced a limited time Summer Sale on all of its dynamics plugins, offering a 50% discount for a few days only.

The promotion includes the following plugins:

  • VCL-515 Vintage Vari Mu Limiter: The VCL-515 is a very rare and remarkable tube limiter from the 1960s with a harmonically rich tone and superiorly smooth compression characteristics – Vari Mu par excellence.
  • VCL-864U Vintage Tube Limiter: The VCL-864U is an iconic Vari Mu tube limiter from the 1950s with a unique and pleasant character, capable of upgrading your recordings with a distinct liveliness and organic quality.
  • VCL-25A Vintage Vari-Mu Leveler: The VCL-25A is a broadcasting audio leveler originally designed in the 1950s. This plugin is pure Vari Mu magic – like one of those good old tube levelers right inside your computer.
  • VCL-373 Vintage Comp/Limiter: The VCL-373 is a German broadcasting compressor/limiter from the early 1960s, perfectly set for densening your sound or applying some big and tight compression with great saturation.
  • VCL-4 Vintage Opto Leveler: The VCL-4 is the silver face revision of the solid state leveler following the most famous classic opto design from the late 1960s, well known for its punch, tightness, sustain and control.

Use coupon code SUMMER50 at the checkout to get the discount. The offer is valid through June 26th, 2022.

More information: Fuse Audio Labs