Fuse Audio Labs has released version 1.1 of its Bucket-500 delay and VCL-4 Opto compressor effect plugins for Windows and Mac.

The new installers fix automation problems in Pro Tools and offer a wide variety of pagetable layouts. Support for factory presets in Pro Tools is also included.

Changes in Bucket-500/VCL-4 v1.1

  • Update to new VST3 SDK.
  • Add Pro Tools pagetables.
  • Add support for factory presets in Pro Tools.
  • Fix automation issues in Pro Tools.
  • [VCL-4] Fix uninstaller issues on Windows.
  • [Bucket-500] Fix rare race condition causing broken sync behavior.

The Fuse Audio Labs plugins are available at 33% off until March 18th, 2018. Use coupon code JQ3X-C2G7-SPT8 during checkout to take advantage of this offer.

More information: Fuse Audio Labs