Future Audio Workshop is introducing an interesting software synthesizer at the MusikMesse: Circle.

From the FAW website:

Circle – stay in flow
Flow refers to the state of mind in which you are at your most creative and productive, a place where hours pass like minutes and musical ideas become reality. Staying in flow becomes increasingly difficult however, when dealing with the complexities of modern software synthesizers. We at FAW have tried to make the synthesizer a musical instrument again. By looking at the most important things a synthesizer should do and designing simple work flows around these tasks, we feel we have created a synthesizer that is both powerful and complete in its features, yet simple and easy for the musician, sound designer and performer to use, play and stay in flow with.

So what is Circle?

Easy to use

  • Designed to be easy to use and intuitive through simple work flows.
  • Connect up modulations via color coded circles. Preview the connection by placing the circle underneath a knob. Explore your sounds in an intuitive way.
  • See connections without the clutter of virtual cables obscuring your view.
faw circle main

Circle – Main interface

Interactive control

  • Visually interactive midi learn. Assign your midi controllers in a simple, familiar and fast way.
  • OSC enabled, for easy use with the latest controllers (Lemur, Monome etc).
  • Attach multiple Circle parameters in different ways, to a single midi controller. Speed up an LFO, while closing a filter, while increasing a delay effect time. Use control in a creative way.

Live performance

  • See everything at a glance, with the single view, high contrast screen.
  • Organize and group your sounds for live performance using the sounds browser.
  • Use Apple’s iRemote to change sounds from afar.
  • Built using industry standard JUCE technology, for solid real time performance.

Circle sounds

  • Circle comes with lots of great, ready to use sounds.
  • Classic analog sounds: searing leads, thick pads and heavy basses.
  • Modern sounds, designed by leading producers, in contemporary genres.
faw circle sounds

Circle – Sound browser

Create your own sounds

  • Choose from a large varied pool of sound generators, effects, filters and modulations.
  • Classic synthesizer sounds from the analog modeled filters and oscillators.
  • Modern abstract sounds from the contemporary effects, unusual modulations and wave oscillators.

Flexible modulation

  • Unrestricted modulation allows you to experiment with sound in new ways.
  • Simply drag a color coded modulation circle to any knob and have it come alive.
  • Unique connection preview, just place the modulation circle under a knob to hear its effect.

Circle will be available for Windows and Mac (price TBA).

So if you’re at the MusikMesse, make sure to visit the Future Audio Workshop stand. You can check their weblog (including pictures from the MusikMesse).

The Future Audio Workshop website has more information, guided tours and screenshots of Circle.

Link via CDM