Future Audio Workshop has released version 1.0.3 of Circle, a powerful, easy to use software synthesizer plug-in for Mac and Windows.

You can now generate your own wavetables from audio files and use them in Circle, thus expanding the sound palette.

Additional changes in Circle v1.0.3

  • Fixed bugs relating to the midi controller assignments, where by per preset assigments were not being saved.
  • Double clicking on a wavetable in the wavetable selector, set a highlighting yellow “sticky” so you can find that wavetable again easily.
  • Clicking on a modulation connection, highlights the source modulation, making it easier to identify connections.
  • Sound breaking down when changing presets on some systems has been fixed.

The latest version of Circle and the Wavetable Generator is available for download, as well as Circle Sounds 1, a bank of 30 new sounds for Circle, designed by Dajan Izzo.

Visit Future Audio Workshop for more information.