Future Audio Workshop has announced an update to its virtual instrument designed for creating powerful 808 style sub-bass that sounds punchy on every speaker.

Version 1.1.7 of SubLab comes with various new features, improvements and fixes.

In addition to customizing the tuning, curve, and timing of your gliding 808s, you can now also adjust bend under glide settings. The range of pitch bend is set to 24 semitones.

FAW has also improved its activation system with a new method of identifying each computer that you activate with a randomly generated, fixed Machine ID. The Machine ID should no longer change due to changes in the operating system.

SubLab’s standalone version now saves the MIDI inputs, audio buffer, and selected audio cards between launches. You can use your computer keyboard to trigger notes, and you can set your BPM inside the glide panel.

Additionally, the following bug fixes and enhancements were implemented:

  • Updated installer to retain the settings file between installs.
  • Fixed bug: missing desktop icon on Windows.
  • New: “hard reset” of the phase if both “reset phase on new note” and “reset ADSR level on new note” are both set to “yes”.

SubLab for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU, AAX and standalone) is available for $40 USD from the Future Audio Workshop store and at distributor Plugin Boutique.

The update is free for existing users of SubLab.