Future Imperfect Sounds Electronica Essentials Vol. 1

Future Imperfect Sounds has released Electronica Essentials Vol. 1, a collection of ACID/Wave loops.

These ACID/Wave loops represent Future Imperfect Sounds commitment to providing extreme quality content specialized for genres often overlooked by other loop libraries. Painstaking detail was paid to ensure that the fidelity of the various drum synths and grooveboxes used in creating the loops was preserved. The end result is a truly unique product ready to fit smoothly into your next electronica songs, film/televison work, or pop production.

Electronica Essentials Vol. 1 features

  • 600 ACID/Wave Drum Loops.
  • Suitable for Electronica, Film/Televison, or pop production.
  • 24Bit/96kHz and 24Bit/44.1kHz formats included.
  • Folder Organization.
  • Tempos range from 77BPM to 155BPM.
  • 1.68 gigabtyes of data on DVD.

Electronica Essentials Vol. 1 is available now for $19.95 USD.

Visit Future Imperfect Sounds for more information and audio demos.