After the recent release of FS Reverser Delay and FS FreezeVerb, FutureSonic is back with a new iOS app with an innovative twist on modulation effects.

FS Refraktor sits somewhere between a delay and a flanger, offering endless possibilities, from rhythmic flanging to chaotic pitch modulation and unpredictable stuttering.

FutureSonic FS Refractor

The highly flexible sixteen step sequencer and LFO rhythmically warp sounds beyond recognition – standard drums beats become bleeping basslines and synths gain a mind of their own, generating melodies from thin air.

The sequencer’s Slew control varies the speed at which the delay time changes – low settings produce sudden jarring variations while higher settings transition smoothly between delay times. Bypass the sequencer, and FS Refraktor will add metallic overtones and strange resonances to your sounds, similar to a short, reflective reverb.

The dedicated filter section makes it simple to sculpt your sound. Select from a range of versatile filter types: Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Notch and FS Refraktor’s unique Carve mode.

FS Refraktor features

  • Delay section with delay time, feedback, modulation and mix controls.
  • A highly customizable sequencer for rhythmic modulation of the delay time.
  • Slew control to vary the speed of delay time changes.
  • A versatile filter section with Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Notch and Carve filter options.
  • Stereo spread control for creating wide out of phase sounds.
  • Runs as both a standalone app and an AUv3 extension.
  • Ability to save presets when run as an AUv3 extension.

FS Refraktor is available for $6.99 USD.

More information: FutureSonic