Fuzzpilz Oatmeal v38-1

Fuzzpilz has released version 38-1 of Oatmeal, a freeware virtual analog synth plug-in for Windows PC.

Changes in v38-1

  • Oatmeal now has unison. At present this affects only the two oscillators; filters and noise remain singular (although the filters are duplicated if necessary for stereo output).
  • Multiple instances running on separate cores/CPUs should no longer produce garbled output.
  • Per-voice saturation does not as easily cause annoyingly audible note-off clicks.
  • New filter types and some minor internal changes.
  • The two filters can now be used in series as well as in parallel, and you can set the second filter’s type individually. (37-6c: fixed a bug with this)
  • Sonar bug fixed.

Visit Fuzzpilz to download the latest version of Oatmeal.