FXpansion BFD2

FXpansion has announced BFD2, the latest version of their acoustic drum production environment.

BFD2 feature highlights

  • 9 full kits, extra snares, cymbals, and more
  • Incredible detail: Multiple mic positions, expressive articulations, up to 96 velocity layers
  • User stereo multi-velocity layer sample import
  • EQ and FX suite containing everything from flanger, bitcrusher and delay effects to circuit-modelled dynamics, filtering and distortion
  • Great-sounding presets let you concentrate on writing and playing instead of engineering
  • 5000+ Grooves ready to use in your projects
  • Built-in multi-channel audio export
  • Better management of kits, instruments, Grooves and other files
  • Easy mapping for keyboard/pad controllers and automation
  • Electronic drum triggering support including expressive hihats and snare positional sensing
  • A huge range of powerful new features and workflow enhancements

BFD2 is compatible with all audio and grooves in BFD1.x and the BFD expansion packs. BFD1.x presets can be imported into BFD2. There are some systems in BFD2 which don’t match BFD1’s exactly – for example, the new mixer and signal processing engine has many elements which have no counterpart in BFD1; BFD2’s groove engine uses a single unified groove palette spanning the entire keyboard instead of 3 separate octave-bundles.

BFD2 data is not compatible with BFD1. Some kitpieces may play in BFD1, but BFD2 uses Mid/Side encoding for the room microphones, and allows 3 snare direct microphones, both of which are not supported in BFD1.

Visit FXpansion for more information.