FXpansion has announced the release of the BFD Cocktail Expansion Kit, a meticulous recording of a Yamaha Hipgig portable drumkit.

With the usual high levels of detail, multiple channels and multiple articulations, BFD Cocktail is ready for you to sequence and mix using BFD 2.1’s powerful software interface.

BFD Cocktail is recorded in the same room under the same studio conditions as the Jazz & Funk, B.O.M.B., JEX and Decatom expansions, as well as other Yamaha-based expansion kits. It has also been designed to sound great with BFD2’s built-in library as well as with BFD libraries recorded in other locations.

New articulations include rim shots and rim clicks on the toms. The snare also offers rim clicks, with the stick version additionally offering flams, drags and the half-edge articulation, which can be used with positional sensing on suitable electronic drumkits.

BFD Cocktail Expansion Kit features

  • Low-cost, download-only expansion pack for BFD2.
  • Snare played with sticks and hot-rods.
  • Kick played with felt and rubber beaters.
  • 15 BFD2 presets in various musical styles.

BFD Cocktail is available as a download only product for all registered BFD2 owners for £25 GBP / €35 EUR / $50 USD.

Special Offer! Purchasing the BFD Cocktail Expansion Kit will entitle users to the upgrade discount on BFD Signature Snares Vol. 1 expansion pack.

More information: FXpansion