FXpansion has released the BFD Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Expansion Kit, an expansion for BFD featuring a high-end Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute drum kit and a bonus Yamaha FHP (fiberglass) snare.

The Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute series is one of the most advanced kits ever made by Yamaha, with its drums often considered to be some of the finest available.

The BFD Maple Custom Absolute expansion kit is perfect for all genres of music, especially pop, indie, rock, fusion, jazz, classic metal and any other styles that require warm and refined drums.

A bonus ‘lite’ (16 velocity layers) Yamaha Fibreglass snare is also included in the kit.

BFD Maple Custom Absolute is recorded in the same room and with the same studio conditions as the Jazz & Funk and B.O.M.B. expansion packs, and JEX, Decatom and Yamaha Oak downloadable expansion kits. It has also been designed to sound great with BFD2’s built-in library as well as with BFD libraries recorded in other locations.

FXpansion Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Expansion Kit

BFD Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Expansion Kit features

  • Low-cost expansion kit for BFD2 featuring Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Kick and Toms.
  • Yamaha Fiberglass Snare.
  • Kick recorded with 2 beater types.
  • Toms recorded with sticks, mallets, brushes & hotrods.
  • Bonus samples of the drum cases!

BFD Maple Custom Absolute Expansion Kit is available for download from the FXpansion web shop for £25 GBP / €35 EUR / $50 USD for all registered BFD2 owners.

Note: A complete set of high quality Yamaha snares (including a full-velocity Yamaha Fiberglass snare) is scheduled for release in the future. Owners of the Maple Custom Absolute Expansion Kit will be eligible for an upgrade discount when purchasing the Yamaha snares pack.

More information: FXpansion