FXpansion BFD Yamaha Oak Custom

FXpansion has released the BFD Yamaha Oak Custom, a new downloadable expansion kit for BFD 2.

BFD Oak Custom Expansion Kit features a high-end Yamaha Oak Custom drum kit and Bamboo snare.

Oak is a great material for a drum shell: it resonates with a solid fundamental delivering awesome power when played. Consequently, the toms sound very full-bodied and the bass drum offers a devastating low-end response.

In order to complete this set, a new ‘lite’ (16-velocity layers) Yamaha Bamboo snare in included. Its crack and strong tone make it very easy to place in a mix.

BFD Yamaha Oak Custom Expansion Kit features

  • Low-cost expansion kit for BFD2 featuring Yamaha Oak Custom Kick and Toms
  • Yamaha Bamboo Snare
  • Kick recorded with 2 beater types
  • Toms recorded with sticks, mallets, brushes, hotrods
  • Bonus samples of the drum cases!

BFD Yamaha Oak Custom is available for download for £25 GBP/35 EUR/$50 USD.

NOTE: A complete set of high quality Yamaha snares (including a full-velocity Bamboo snare) is scheduled for release in the future. Owners of the Oak Custom expansion kit will be eligible for an upgrade discount when purchasing the Yamaha snares pack.

Visit FXpansion for more information and audio demos.