FXpansion ORCA

FXpansion has released ORCA, an experimental monosynth built to showcase FXpansion’s new technology.

Based on detailed and accurate models of analogue synthesizer circuits and components, ORCA excels at deep, squelchy basses and thick unison leads.

ORCA is available free of charge to all registered users. This means you need to sign up for a free user account if you don’t have one yet.


  • Filter controls: Cutoff frequency, Resonance
  • Filter Envelope: Attack time (seconds), Release time (seconds)
  • Unison controls: Unison (number of unison oscillators), Detune
  • Pitch: Mod Wheel and Pitch Bend

While Orca is monophonic, it features a built-in unison mode. With a Detune value of 0, oscillators will be stacked at exactly the same frequency. The Detune control increases the detuning of the stacked oscillators, and is a door into a whole world of vibrant and powerful sounds.

ORCA is available as a VST plug-in for Windows and OS X (PPC and Intel), and can be used in other hosts (Audio Units, RTAS) via our VST-RTAS or VST-AU Adapters.

Visit FXpansion for more information.