FXpansion / Sonica Japanese Taiko Percussion

FXpansion and Sonica have released Japanese Taiko Percussion, a new expansion pack for BFD2.1.

Taiko groups have wowed audiences the world over with their visually arresting performances, earth-rumbling bass, pure percussive volume, dynamics, and rhythm. The unmistakable taiko sound has also gained acceptance in many applications far removed from traditional Japanese music. And yet the taiko — the king of Japanese traditional instruments — has been missing from the ranks of professional sound libraries. SONICA Instruments at last brings you the sound of the taiko in a carefully crafted FXpansion BFD2.1 library.

Japanese Taiko Percussion features

  • Ohdaiko — This monster — some ohdaiko are as large as 108 centimeters in diameter — is what taiko ensembles are famous for. The ohdaiko features deep basses with rich overtones.
  • Chudaiko — This is a typical hollow shell taiko with a diameter of about 60 centimeters that has a round tone with ample expressiveness. This ubiquitous drum is widely used in Japanese folk songs, festivals, and traditional arts.
  • Shimedaiko1 & Shimedaiko2 — Looking much like a snare drum, the 40-centimeter-diameter shimedaiko produces a bright, sharp resonant sound. The popular shimedaiko is widely used in Japanese folk songs, festivals, and traditional arts. Shimedaiko1 is intended for use in combination with Shimedaiko2 since taiko ensembles usually feature multiple shimedaiko. Shimedaiko1 is tuned higher than Shimedaiko2.
  • Kane — Shaped like an ashtray, this 10-centimeter-diameter hand cymbal rings with a bright, brassy tone. The kane is used with a shumoku — a type of drumstick tipped with deer antler. The kane is held in the left hand while the shumoku is used to strike the inside producing complex stroke patterns.
  • Taiko Voice — The performers’ calls are an integral part of a taiko ensemble. Ikki Hino and the other performers shouted themselves hoarse during these recordings.

Japanese Taiko Percussion is available now for $125 USD / 90 EUR / 70 GBP.
Grooves for Japanese Taiko Percussion, available separately, is 25 USD / 20 EUR / 15 GBP (prices exclude VAT and local taxes where applicable).

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