FXpansion has releaed version 2.1 of BFD, a powerful acoustic drum production workstation for Windows and Mac.

Changes in BFD v2.1

  • Overloud Breverb “BFD2 Edition” integrated into BFD2 mixer – Hall, Plate, Room & Inverse algorithms.
  • PSP Vintage Warmer “BFD2 Edition” integrated into BFD2 mixer.
  • Improved synth engine supporting varied mic and articulation configurations.
  • Preset/Kit switching playlist, controllable via MIDI Program Change.
  • In-place kit-piece preview before loading.
  • Load-on-demand RAM optimization.
  • Many new workflow enhancements in the Kit page, such as Copy, Swap and Move kit-pieces between slots when loaded.
  • Workflow improvements in the Grooves page: new edit tools like the roll tool; Drum Track enhancements; Redo as well as Undo.

BFD2.1 is a free downloadable update to all BFD2.x registered owners.

Visit FXpansion for more information.