G-Sonique has introduced its FAT+, a virtual analog vacuum tube/tape effect simulation for Windows.

While other solutions offer you concrete emulations of some vintage machines with all unwanted artifacts, new FAT+ offers you a modern and clean style of analog saturation / soft clipping and full control over the style of saturation.

You can create and set your own style of saturation from a clean sounding tube saturation from an analog mix console saturation to clean sounding saturation of modern analog tape.

G-Sonique FAT+

Create your own clean and modern style of saturation – the most natural solution to eliminate unwanted peaks and increase overall loudness of a signal.

FAT+ features

  • Input amp – offers attenuation or 2.5x amplification of the input signal.
  • Analog warmth – round and warm sounding analog saturation (rounding of peaks of signal).
  • FAT – emulates 1st harmonics for a fat and massive vacuum tube sound.
  • Saturation drive – analog soft clipping / saturation with a harder sound.
  • Analog hiss – reproduces an invisible thin treble noise of analog tape.
  • Bass cut – cut unwanted sub-bass or bass on individual channels to offer more space for loudness of the remaining frequency spectrum.
  • Output amp – set the level of output volume.

The FAT+ effect plugin for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for the introductory price of 13.90 EUR (regular 22.90 EUR).

More information: G-Sonique / FAT+