G-Sonique has announced the release of its new audio plugin Analog Tape ASX-72, a creative tape effect that can totally change character of your sounds.

Let’s be honest. Most of „analog tape“ plug-ins do almost nothing just simple classic saturation (comparing to real reel-to-reel hardware recorder which affect sound in many non-linear ways: for example it produces not just basic saturation but also natural non-linear compression, wow and flutter effect, variable noises and hiss, hysteresis, rounding and softening sharp transients and trebles etc.) Many producers need versatile analog tape plug-in that can emulate various types of analog tapes and their electronics (recording electromagnets, pre-amps) from various ages 1960 to warm 1980 and clean 90s.

We designed Analog Tape ASX-72 to offer various types of tape sound for various styles of use and high level of sound creativity: from very gentle “invisible” modern tape sound to add just little bit of warmth to very fat, grungy vintage sound. You can use ASX-72 during mixing modern tracks with subtle settings, to add massive amount of dirt to rock / indie music, to add real analog sound to techno or dnb tracks, to add noisy wavy sound to synthwave tracks, psychedelic atmosphere of twisted old tapes to psytrance / dub or psychill tracks or just to make your digital beats / synths more realistic and natural.

Available for Windows (VST), Analog Tape ASX-72 is on sale for the intro price of 18.90 EUR for the first 100 customers (regular 38.90 EUR).

More information: G-Sonique