G-Sonique has announced the release of its new virtual instrument DarkPsy FX466, a plugin designed for Darkpsy, Forest, and Psycore music production.

DarkPsy FX466 includes over 130 high quality multi-octave instruments that are useful for various genres of Psytrance, as well as completely different genres such as film music, video game music, dark ambient, neurofunk drum & bass, experimental, dark techno, and more.

Darkpsy / Forest psytrance / Psycore music needs various complex FX sounds, soundscapes, monster and sci-fi sounds, pads, hits and percussions etc. but many producers are always using 3-4 basic types of synth sounds – FM sounds, noises etc. because it is very difficult process to make advanced sound designs or record various experimental sounds in field or film music/experimental sound studio. It can take 2 hours or more to create just one sound, but you need to create complete songs, not spend two months of fine-tuning 10 sounds.

Darkpsy FX466 can significantly help you to make interesting intros, build ups, intermezzos and outros, but included sounds / banks can be perfectly used also in main passages of your track in combination with classic synths. You can also use external VST / AU effects and totally recreate all sounds included, layer two banks together etc.

Available for Windows and Mac in VST and AU plugin formats, DarkPsy FX466 is on sale for an introductory price of 24.90 EUR for the first 100 customers (regular 46 EUR).

More information: G-Sonique