G-Sonique has announced the release of Neurofunker XG6, a multi-instrument/rompler instrument designed with Drum and Bass/Neurofunk music producers in mind.

G Sonique Neurofunker XG6

Neurofunker XG6includes 146+ high quality, multi octave / multi-layer instruments/sounds ready for music production. Neurofunker XG6 makes your production faster and sounding better, you can choose from hundreds of high quality sounds made by professional DnB producers in speed of just few seconds, modify them with internal parameters or use external vst effects (We suggest our G-Sonique Dubshox H8 or other multi-band distortion).

Creatinq just one sound with standard synthesizers can take long hours or days + months of learning, with Neurofunker XG6 your production become more professional, faster and you can fully focus on creating melodies, arrangements, beats, mix etc. Neurofunker XG6 also saves lot of your CPU and RAM (it is much more effective than standard synthesizers).

This plug-ins includes various styles of dnb basslines, modulated bass, futuristic bass, deep bass, various sci-fi hits, subbass sound, leads and much more.

Neurofunker XG6 features

  • 146+ high quality multi-octave instruments with class A audio interpolation/resampling.
  • 890MB content library.
  • LFO Modulation with depth and rate knobs (modulates: volume/expression, panning, pitch) with triangle, sinus, square, saw, and exp shape
  • Controls for Glide and Space.
  • 3 modes: Polyphonic, Mono, Legato.
  • Amplitude envelope with attack, decay, sustain, release knobs.
  • Resampling quality selector.
  • Velocity curve selector.
  • Pitch bend knob.
  • Pan knob.
  • Possibility to load external bonus instrument (will be distributed to clients as special bonus).
  • Multi sample hard drive disk-streaming / memory reading mode (for saving RAM capacity).
  • High quality resampling / interpolation engine.

Neurofunker XG6 for Window sand Mac (VST/AU) is available for the intro price of 17.90 EUR for the first 100 customers (regular 24.90 EUR).

More information: G-Sonique