G-Sonique has announced the release of Trap Illuminator 8000 X1, a new rompler instrument designed for Trap, Hip-Hop, Arab Trap and EDM producers.

G-Sonique Trap Illuminator 8000X1

Trap Illuminator include 136+ high quality, multi octave instruments ready for Professional music production.

While there exist various classic synthesizers at the market, most of them sound too synthetic/flat and often harsh and digital alone, usually you must use lot of additional effects, layers, resampling and mixing techniques to get that professional sound known from best-selling Albums.

Trap Illuminator 8000 X1 features

  • 136+ high quality multi-octave instruments with class A audio interpolation/resampling, 890 MB library.
  • LFO Modulation with depth and rate knobs (modulates: volume/expression, panning, pitch) with triangle, sinus, square, saw, and exp shape.
  • Controls for Glide, Space, Pan and Pitch bend.
  • 3 modes: Polyphonic, Mono, Legato.
  • Amplitude envelope with attack, decay, sustain, release.
  • Resampling quality selector.
  • Velocity curve selector.
  • Load external bonus instruments (will be distributed to customers as a special bonus).
  • Multi sample hard drive disk-streaming / memory reading mode (for saving RAM).
  • High quality resampling / interpolation engine.

Trap Illuminator 8000 X1 is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU), priced at an intro price of 16.90 EUR for the first 100 customers (regular 19.90 EUR). A free demo version is available.

More information: G-Sonique / Trap Illuminator 8000 X1