G-Sonique has released version 1.1 of Twisthead VS-206, a vintage vacuum tube preamp effect plug-in for Windows.

Changes in Twisthead VS-206 v1.1

  • Added switch to control low cut filter between 10 and 27hz.
  • Added switch to choose the effect behavior to modern/vintage (vintage is default setting from v1.0; modern setting will produce more cleaner/digital sound but may loose some characteristics of Twisthead’s typical charismatic sound).
  • Added update button to check new version availability online.
  • Fixed problem when DC offset might appear in some situations.
  • Fixed wrong frequency shift in different sample rates.
  • Additional minor fixes for better compatibility with Windows7 OS and different VST hosts.

Twisthead VS-206 is currently available to purchase for 12.30 EUR as part of a Group Buy which is available until 15 August, 2011 (regular price 18.90 EUR).

More information: G-Sonique