SampleScience has announced the availability of a free collection of 1,048 samples and 27 instruments.

The sounds of the G-Town Church Sampling Project were recorded in a church in Grebbestad, Sweden by music producer Tobias Marberger. Converted to the Sfz format by S. Christian Collins, the instruments are programmed for the free Sforzando plugin instrument from Plogue.

For this version of the hard-to-find files, Tobias Marberger has officially Creative Commons-licensed the samples with a Sampling+ license.

The multitude of samples includes percussion of many different kinds (anvil, snare, wood sticks, hi-hats, brush plate, bongos), as well as piano, organ, mandolin, glockenspiel, flute, and many other high-quality recordings.

The sample library is free to download (no email required).

More information: SampleScience