g200kg has entered the KVR Developer Challenge 2012 with Kamioooka, a modular synth instrument for Windows.

g200kg Kamioooka

g200kg’s Kamioooka virtual modular synthesizer instrument.

Kamioooka is a polyphonic Full-Modular synthesizer with patch cable system. You can freely combine modules and make patches. 10 module slots and 7 types of modules (VCO/VCF/VCA/ADSR/LFO/MISC/SEQ) are available.

Available modules:

   VCO : Oscillator, with PWM/FM/Sync functions.
   VCF : HPF/BPF/LPF filter.
   VCA : Amplifier with modulation input.
   ADSR : Two ADSR Envelope Generator.
   LFO : Two LFO with tempo sync mode.
   MISC : Ring modulator/Noise Generator/Sample&Hold/Inverter.
   SEQ : 8 Step Mini sequencer.

Kamioooka is available for Windows in 32 and 64bit VST.

More information: g200kg / Kamioooka