Galleoneer MultimodefilerMk2

The Galleoneer Multimodefilter Mk2 is the sequel to the famous Multimodefilter Mk1, designed with live preformances in mind.
The Mk2 version has unique morphing and modulation options and costs 49EUR.

Multimodefilter Mk2 specs

  • High quality filter algorithms with true 64 Bit processing
  • 2 pole and 4 pole lowpass,hightpass and bandpass filters
  • 2 unique filter combinations capable of notch and bandpass effects
  • Most filters can be detuned and mirrored
  • adjustable feedback loops for all filters
  • Innovative filter parameters
  • Filtertype changes do not make artefacts
  • Designed for live performing
  • Powerfull morphing options for all parameters
  • Adjustable morphing times
  • Full parameter smoothing
  • Hi resolution tweaking for parameters
  • Set any possible granularity and interval for technical filtering
  • MIDI key tracking for filter frequency and resonance
  • Visual modulation and morphing options
  • Almost every parameter can be modulated by 4 LFOs
  • Powerfull randomizing function
  • Support for live morphing presets
  • Easy program copying and easy program access knobs
  • Suitable for usual filtering, rhythmic modulations and filter based effects

Visit the Galleoneer site for more information.