Isotonik Studios has introduced LDM Design’s Gator, a rhythmical gate sequencer Max for Live device.

The Gator MaxforLive device was inspired by the Alligator plugin for Reason, which splits audio into 3 chains using a different filter and fx in each chain. Then the gate for each chain can be opened and closed with any kind of rhythmical pattern. The Gator device takes the same concept but opens up the possibilities of a completely custom set of effect chains within Ableton’s Audio Effect Rack. It also expands the concept with dedicated sequencers for each gate which include individual number of steps per sequencer and probability per step.

Each sequencer can save up to 16 different sequences with variable number of steps and probability per step. Each of the 3 sequencers can also be mapped to 2 different parameters in Live, making 2 groups of 3 mappings, and each group has its own ADR envelope for the steps. Using the ADR envelope, you can set how fast the gate opens and closes with each opening of the gate. So we can connect mapping 1 to the volume of an effect chain, and have another mapping set as a filter envelope, or any other effect within that chain, with different settings for Attack, Decay and Release. The parameter mappings can be scaled with minimum and maximum values and also be inverted.

Gator for Ableton Live 10/11 (Suite or Standard with Max for Live) is on sale for the intro price of £8 GBP until May 19th, 2023 (regular £10 GBP).

More information: LDM Design