GBR Loops has announced the release of Sarangi Melodies Vol. 1: Style of Punjab, a Kontakt instrument library featuring Sarangi loops.

Sarangi melodies welcomes you.
Each territory have their different music style and genre. And there exists various styles to play a musical instrument. In India also there are various styles & techniques to play classical Sarangi. Those which one is Punjab style.

GBR LOOPs brought to you SARANGI: Style of Punjab, to keep in mind that in Punjabi music, Sarangi have eminent place. This package of Sarangi been created after deep researches, with the help of selected sarangi player’s of Punjab.

For idol use we created this in Kontakt format so that you could use in various tempo and pitch as your requirements with very high audio quality.
We feel excited on working with classical Sarangi and pride that its part of our music.

Sarangi Melodies for Kontakt 5.6.1 or higher (full version) is available for purchase for $51 USD.

More information: GBR Loops / Sarangi Melodies Style of Punjab