Genera Studios has announced availability of Organic, a free preset pack for the Massive X synthesizer by Native Instruments.

The pack includes 12 presets geared towards Chillwave music.

The definition of chillwave varies, but here we’re talking about the sound popularized by Odesza, Flume, and San Holo. There are basses, keys, leads, pads, plucks, and synth sounds included.

You just need a copy of Massive X! Massive X is a synthesizer created by Native Instruments, released in 2019. You just drag these presets into your user folder. Will not work in the old regular Massive.

The Organic pack is a free download, and you can also take advantage of a limited time 70% off early-bird sale on a full Chillwave Massive X preset pack.

Chillwave includes 32 presets (7 synths, 6 plucks, 5 leads, 4 basses, ​3 keys, 3 drums, ​2 fx and 2 pads). It is on sale for only $7 USD for the next few weeks. The regular price is $27 USD.

More information: Genera Studios