Isotonik Studios has announced the release of MelodySauce, a Max for Live device by EVAbeat that generates melodic phrases as MIDI.

Geared towards mainstream electronic pop, dance and EDM styles, MelodySauce provides a quick and unlimited source of melodies that are created for you at the click of a button, for use as leads, synth lines, arpeggios and other instrumental hooks.

With MelodySauce you can easily generate, audition and select credible instrumental melody and hook ideas instantly.

MelodySauce is capable of generating millions of different melodies through its complex A.I. algorithms, which have been developed through analysis of current commercial music. None of the phrases that MelodySauce generates are preprogrammed as you hear them, they are all built from scratch each time you click to generate.

MelodySauce is available for £19.99 GBP ex VAT. Requires Ableton Live 9.7 and Max for Live 7.

More information: Evabeat