Softube has announced the release of the Parallels preset pack by Bjulin, a collection of 100 inspirational sounds for the Parallels synth created by composer and sound designer Bjulin.

Softube Parallels Preset Pack by Bjulin

“While most synths generate a basic sound and start sculpting afterwards, the workflow of Parallels is different.

At first, one has to carefully select the right sound source and then modulate it in a useful manner. With that in mind, I carefully crafted 100 sounds that express the power of Parallels.

This sound set expands the factory library with inspiring and playable sounds without overusing effects, but with great quality of sound.”

The soundset is a free download at Softube.

If you don’t own Parallels yet, the synth is on sale for $129 from Softube and distributor Plugin Boutique until September 30th, 2019 (regular $149 USD).