Plugin Boutique has launched an exclusive promotion on the Circle2 synthesizer instrument by Future Audio Workshop.

For a limited time only you can get 20% off and the Los Angeles Patch Pack free with a purchase.

Based on state-of-the-art digital synthesis research, the brand new VPS (vector phaseshaping synthesis) oscillator is one of the most exciting new features of Circle². The new oscillator utilizes a cutting-edge synthesis technique introduced by researchers at the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering and The National University of Ireland, and further developed for its implementation in Circle² via an academic collaboration with Future Audio Workshop.

The VPS oscillator works by glueing together a pair of sine waves with specified frequencies. Via its two parameters – which control the frequencies of the sine waves and the location at which they are glued – the VPS oscillator provides direct control of the waveform’s intricate harmonics. Experimentation throughout the oscillator development process has led to a range of results; from dirty Reese style bass patches to ethereal pads and gritty lead lines. Modulating the parameters can produce a wide range of effects, either used subtly to give gentle movement, or used harshly to twist and contort a synth into oblivion. We’re excited to hear what synthesis results users can achieve using the new oscillator.

Regularly $139 USD, Circle2 is on sale for $102.95 USD until May 1st, 2019. The Los Angeles Patch Pack is included with a purchase and all Patch Packs are also available at a 20% discount during the promotion.

More information: Future Audio Workshop