Plugin Boutique has launched the Random Generators Bundle, a collection of three Max for Live devices by Audiomodern at a 33% discount.

The Random Generators Bundle includes all three of Audiomodern’s ‘Random’ Max For Live devices:

  • Random Groove Generator PRO is a tool that features four channels that generate pattern sequences for you, you can randomize the steps, pitch, volume, filter, sample point, amount of notes and more.
  • Random Riff Generator PRO is a midi tool that generates sequences for you, these midi sequences/riffs can be sent to any synth, software or hardware, sampler, drum machine.. and basically anything that accepts a midi signal.
    It is literally a swiss army knife for creating random melodies, sequences and musical riffs on the spot and it goes as far as your imagination can.
  • Random Chords Generator PRO is an instrument built to create midi chords from the MIDI notes received. It comes with 52 chord types and control for manual or automatic randomisation for inversion, velocity and the arp/delay of individual chord notes.

The bundle is available 78 EUR (regular value 117 EUR). Requires Ableton Live 9.2+ and Max For Live 7.1 or higher.

More information: Plugin Boutique / Audiomodern Random Generators Bundle