A Sound Effect has announced it is giving away 300 sound effects and access to 10,000 premium sound effects for 14 days on the Soundly cloud platform.

A Sound Effect free sound effects gift

Want an early Christmas gift? A Sound Effect has teamed up with a number of independent SFX creators to give away 300 premium sound effects for free, and to offer access to 10.000 premium sound effects for 14 days in cloud SFX platform Soundly.

The free pack contains sounds from SFX creators Antisample, Articulated Sounds, Badlands Sound, Epic Stock Media, SKYES Audio and Sound Ex Machina – and the sounds can be used for commercial projects too.

The free sound effects pack also contains a special code for Soundly – giving free access to Soundly PRO, with more than 10.000 premium sound effects, for 14 days. The code can be used anytime before January 1st 2018. A special sound effects pack is also on its way to existing Soundly subscribers.

Soundly is available as a free download for Windows and Mac.

More information: A Sound Effect / 300 Free Premium SFX