VST Buzz is offering a 50% discount on the Uproar instrument library for Kontakt by Rhythmic Robot.

Uproar starts with smoother waves and progressively distorts them with saturation, distortion and bitcrushing modules until they reach whatever point of complexity you want.

“Uproar” takes the classic subtractive synth architecture, turns it on its head, beats it up and calls its mother nasty names.

This is a synth plugin excels at aggressively powerful tones and is built from the ground up to be experimental in all the best ways. Go on, ditch your filters for once – forget chewy ladders and squelchy resonance and get hip to the groans and roars of distortion taking your patches in whole new directions. Once you start you might find you can’t stop!

Uproar features

  • 62 MB installed.
  • 56 inspiring factory presets.
  • Twin detunable waveform generators: blend between pure sines and erratic, complex eBow guitar strings.
  • Three independent distortion types under LFO and envelope control for moving, shifting, evolving harmonic spectra.
  • Wave 1 Impurity effects – Amplitude & Saturation.
  • Wave 2 Impurity effects – Amplitude, Distortion, Bitcrusher.
  • LFOs and ADR envelopes.
  • Glitch, Limit and Drive controls.
  • 4 high quality effects including Chorus, Delay, Reverb & Amp Cabinet simulator.
  • Excels at creating high-energy, aggressive synth sounds, or subtler tones with an unusual, airy edge.

Uproar is on sale for only 12.50 EUR until March 12th, 2019 (regular 25 EUR). Make sure to check out all deals in the Indie Kontakt Developer Week at VST Buzz and get up to 80% off Kontakt instruments.

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