VST Buzz has launched a sale on the FM TiNES 2 instrument plugin by Gospel Musicians, offering a 60% discount for two weeks only.

“FM TiNES 2” is absolutely the most exhaustive FM, Dyno, Crystal, Tine, Bell, and electric piano library ever created!

Packed with 30GB of only electric pianos, bells and pads. Never before has there been such a huge library dedicated to the most beautiful sounds you’ve ever heard!

FM TiNES 2 features

  • 30GB library dedicated only to FM, dyno, crystal, bell, pads and piano sounds (20GB lossless compression).
  • 12GB of 300 brand new sounds.
  • 220 brand new presets with automatic random preset generator.
  • New warm detune to be able to layer a copy of the same sound and detune and stereo spread for super stacked EP sounds.
  • All of the highly requested crystal EPs, classic dynos, TX816 stacked EPs, LA/MIDIed/West Coast pianos, MKS EPs, classic Fantasia/D50 bells, and all of the classic old school piano sounds.
  • Ability to stack up to four sounds.
  • New easier and flexible preset system with fast search, loading, and saving.
  • New dice random option that allows you to randomly select new sounds for instant variations and thousands of preset possibilities.
  • New lightening fast loading streaming engine with custom lossless format for better streaming.
  • Control page includes amp, filter, panner and modulation sources.
  • EFX page with 8 FX including chorus, rotary speaker, ping pong delay and analog crunch.
  • All of the high quality VKFX effects from Overloud.
  • Dynamically and graphically position FX signal flow in virtual racks.
  • Master page with 8 band EQ, compressor, gate, tube and limiter.

Regularly 180 EUR, the FM TiNES 2 plugin is on sale for 72 EUR until January 14th, 2020. It is available in VST, AU and AAX plugin formats and standalone software for Windows and Mac.

More information: VST Buzz