VST Buzz has launched a new deal on a bundle of Klanghaus 2 and Klanghaus Bio Machine, two sample libraries for Best Service’s Enigne 2 sampler instrument.

“Klanghaus 2” & “Klanghaus Bio Machine” provide a unique insight into inventor Ferdinand Foersch‘s sonic world, offering a wealth of one-of-a kind instruments and sounds that cannot be found anywhere else.

Featuring over 100 presets and over 1000 Sounds and Loops, Scary Atmospheres, Creaking Instruments, Trashy and Boomy Percussive Loops and Hits, these libraries are perfect for all kinds of Cinematic Underscore, Electro or Ambient Music Producers, Sound Design and much more!

The bundle features:

  • Klanghaus 2: 100+ presets and 1,000+ sounds and loops.
  • Klanghaus Bio Machine: 1,200 unique grooves.
  • 3 customizable keygroups.
  • 8 arpeggiators/step-sequencers.
  • 17 step-modulators per patch.
  • Effects including Reverb. Delay, Phaser, Bitcrusher and more.

Regularly 300 EUR, the bundle of Klanghaus 2 & Klanghaus Bio Machine is on sale for only 120 EUR until April 16th, 2019. The individual libraries are also on sale separately at 50% off regular each.

There’s also one week left to get the Ravenscroft 275 virtual piano instrument at 50% off.

More information: VST Buzz