Native Instruments has announced a promotion on the Maschine Jam, the production and performance system that is designed for fast, intuitive sequencing and track building.

During the promotion, a purchase of Maschine Jam comes with a collection of 7 Expansions, free of charge.

Kick-start your MASCHINE JAM journey with this unbeatable offer: Buy MASCHINE JAM and get seven cutting-edge Expansions, worth 343 €, FREE.

Powerful multi-channel step sequencing, acclaimed workflow, plus a massive selection of genre-defining sounds.

Maschine Jam is available for purchase of 399 EUR. The included Expansions are: Lilac Glare, Molten Veil, Lone Forest, Prismatic Bliss, Queensbridge Story, Decoded Forms, and Elastic Thump.

The offers ends May 31st, 2018.

More information: Native Instruments