Audio Plugin Deals has launched a sale on PRIPYAT Radioactive Pianos, a virtual instrument library for Kontakt by STRIX Instruments.

Audio Plugin Deals PRIPYAT Pianos

PRIPYAT Pianos takes you deep into the heart of a place few human beings would dare to venture: into the heart of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, the very site of the worst nuclear disaster in the history of the world.

Capturing pianos recorded in these haunting spaces, Strix Audio brings you a library that is teeming with atmosphere and character. These sounds will give you the chills as these were captured in one of the creepiest places on the planet.

PRIPYAT Pianos features

  • 2.69 GB (3.63 GB uncompressed / lossless / .wav equivalent 11 GB).
  • 1 instrument/ 14 snapshots.
  • 2900+ unique samples / 4 to 16 round robins/ 9 velocity layers / 48 kHz 24 bits.
  • Requires KONTAKT 5.8.1 FULL or higher.
  • Komplete Kontrol Mapped.

The library is on sale for only $59.99 USD until July 7th, 2019 (regular $199).

More information: Audio Plugin Deals