Plugin Boutique has announced a flash sale on the PSP E27, a multistage equalizer plugin modeled after the analog equalizer E27 produced by Avedis Audio Electronics.

PSP E27 flash sale

E27 offers three-band equalization with nine selectable frequencies in a standard 500x package. This equalizer offers +/-16dB of boost/cut at musically selected frequency ranges, and offers gentle saturation. Low and high filters can work in bell or shelf mode with a single click.

E27 is suitable for both mixing and mastering. PSP E27 offers additional preamp stage for global level control. This EQ plug-in catches nonlinear behavior of analog devices.

A simplified version of the PSP E27 is also included. PSP E27 SE is based on the same great audio engine, but it has a redesigned, simpler GUI making quick adjustments a snap.

Regularly $149 USD, PSP E27 is on sale for only $29.99 USD until April 4th, 2019.

More information: Plugin Boutique