VST Buzz has launched a new two week deal on the Audiority’s Maliki, which brings a combination of driving and passionate acoustic/hybrid drums designed to help kickstart your next epic percussive action cue or score.

“Maliki” is a collection of epic drum loops played on a selection of 4 acoustic and hybrid drums that are designed to add thunderous drive, rhythm and passion to your percussion tracks!

In addition, you get the same drums as individual Kontakt instruments with extensive sound shaping tools and effects, and a collection of over 600 MIDI files that make it easy to take control and make these drums your own!

Maliki features

  • 6.2GB collection epic drum loops.
  • 1600 WAV Loops.
  • 660 MIDI Files.
  • Arranged in 20 themes, 10 Parts per theme.
  • 4 Acoustic and Hybrid Drums (powered by The Forge Lite).
  • Effects (individual instruments only): ADSR, Distortion, Punch, EQ, Saturation, Delay, Low and Hi Pass filters.
  • Virtual Stage (left-right, front-back).
  • Mix Recall (10 preset key switches).
  • Requires Kontakt 5.4.3 or higher (full version).

Maliki is on sale for only 9.99 EUR until June 4th, 2019.

More information: VST Buzz