Faded Instruments has launched a new bit crusher effect plugin that is designed to have a fluid and organic like digital sound.

LitBit breathes and flows around your audio as it crunches and munches it into lofi goodness. The plugin features breathe knobs that allow the bit/sample rate reduction to follow the audio input, resulting in a smooth and dynamic bit crushing effect.

What else does it do? Well, first of all – the breathing function doesn’t just need to follow its own audio – it can be sidechained to any other audio track – allowing for complex gestures or pulsating crushing effects that dynamically interact with other instruments.

Then of course, theres crinkle. Crinkle is essentially a jitter or randomize function, and it adds a bit of noisy chaos to the bit/sample rate reduction. The speed of the crinkle is controllable and can be set to mono or stereo – which at slow speeds adds a gorgeous stereo sparkle to your sound. Not noisy enough? There’s a DC Offset button that realigns the signal and gets quiet sections to blow out and crunch a bit more. Still not noisy enough? There’s an extra noise dial to add some stereo noise to your signal (pre-effect).

The plugin also includes a single knob lowpass/hipass DJ filter, saturator, and lissajous display.

Available as a 64-bit plugin for Windows (VST) and Mac (AU), Litbit is priced $14.20 USD at Faded Instruments.