StudioVox is offering readers a chance to preview its social networking platform for creatives, and invite all readers to join its private, invite-only launch.

StudioVox is built from the ground up for creative professionals, from music producers to graphic designers. It’s not just another profile site. It’s the only social community that encompasses creatives, agencies, industry and fans on a single platform.

Before the site goes public this summer, we’d love for you to help us shape StudioVox into an essential tool for music production professionals and enthusiasts. StudioVox offers unlimited music, image and file uploads, so you can express your creativity without restriction. It’s a place where you can connect with other producers, collaborate with musicians, find that perfect graphic designer, work with a promoter. It’s a place where you can simply do what you love.

You can now check out the StudioVox Private Beta at and share you thoughts and suggestions by using access code StudiovoxBetaCode041

More information: StudioVox