Yurt Rock has launched a series of MIDI Hybrid Drums packs featuring drum grooves by Ryan Gruss.

Analog and digital. MIDI and audio. Hybrid Drums Vol 1 featuring Ryan Gruss gives you the best of both worlds. Tracked on a mix of Roland V-Drums and a variety of acoustic kits, Hybrid Drums blends sounds and grooves in an exciting and innovative way.

Want control over every single hit? Just drag and drop the MIDI loops directly to your DAW. Want sounds and grooves that instantly inspire? Just browse through the hundreds of audio loops and samples to find the perfect match for your track.

The MIDI collections are available for $19 USD each, or all three bundled for $28.50 USD (50% savings). The packs are also included in the Yurt Rock Subscription, priced $9.99 USD/month.

More information: Yurt Rock