Plugin Boutique is offering the ERA 4 Voice Leveler plugin from Accusonus free of charge with any purchase during May.

The ERA 4 Voice Leveler is an audio restoration tool that is incredibly useful for normalizing the volume levels of speech or dialogue recordings in seconds. If you are you a podcaster, videographer, vlogger, dialogue editor or post production engineer, the ERA Voice Leveler will help you save time and you will be able to focus on the creative side of your work.

Apart from the “Normal” mode, the Voice Leveler also has a “Tight” mode that results in a more focused “radio” sound. This helps your dialogue tracks to stand out from the background music or effects. In addition, the Voice Leveler features a unique “Emphasis” mode which automatically detects problems in tonal balance of voice recordings.

For example happen when a speaker is not directly facing the microphone or has moved significantly from the mic between takes/scenes. When the “Emphasis” mode is engaged it allows you to apply subtle processing to compensate for those spectral disparities and ensure consistent tone and intelligibility. There is also an automatic Breath Control parameter.

Instead of spending hours on manual gain adjustments, use the new ERA Voice Leveler.

Any purchase of a paid-for product at Plugin Boutique qualifies you to the free plugin, so make sure to check the current deals as well.

The offer ends May 31st, 2020.

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