Best Service has announced that it is offering a free Halls of Fame 3 – Convolution Reverb package of your choice with any order of 99 EUR or more as part of its Black Friday Deal marathon.

Add products worth at least € 99 (incl. VAT) to your shopping cart and you can choose a virtual reverb device from the pop up window for FREE. You can claim one free Reverb Package per order. This promotion is valid throughout December 4th!

Halls Of Fame 3 offers content packages of the most popular reverbs from the past 50 years.

You can chose from the following packages:

  • BRIC M17 (59 EUR)
  • EVEN T2016 (59 EUR)
  • LEX 480 (59 EUR)
  • LEX 96L (59 EUR)
  • LEX PMC 96 (69 EUR)
  • QRS 2496 (49 EUR)

The offer expires December 4th, 2019.

More information: Best Service