Plugin Boutique has announced a limited time sale on PSP Audioware’s EQ plugins, offering up to 87% off for the next few days.

The sale includes:

  • PSP E27 multistage equalizer.
  • PSP NobleQ passive program equalizer.
  • PSP ClassicQ classic British-style inspired equalizer.
  • PSP ConsoleQ classic British console equalizer.
  • PSP McQ equalizer inspired by various classic console equalizers.
  • PSP Neon HR linear phase equalizer.
  • PSP RetroQ musical equalizer.
  • PSP preQursor2 uniquely designed filters with low resonance peaks.
  • PSP MasterQ2 mastering equalizer.

The plugins are on sale starting from £15.95 GBP / $19.99 USD until July 21st, 2019.

More information: Plugin Boutique